New ways of Journalism :Innovative Journalism

This article is based on Innovative Journalism, in this I had answered a question that, what are the new ways of Journalism these days which is being called as Innovative Journalism.

What is Innovative Journalism?

Journalism is all about dissemination of information, these days various new ways and trends in journalism has came up and these new ways to disseminate the information is known as Innovative Journalism.

I have selected the four major trends in the field of Innovative Journalism, these are as follows:

  1. Mojo Journalism- Mobile Journalism

Mojo journalism is nowadays very popular, it involves the use of small devices such as smartphones and tablets to shoot, record, capture then edit audio, video and other multimedia stories for online and social platforms, it can be performed by a common man or a Journalist too.

Examples- Viral Sach of Aaj Tak

Al Jazeera’s “People and Power” programme aired an entire documentary shot on smartphones. Syria is a difficult place to operate as a journalist, so they used an iPhone so they could blend in.


2. Social Media

These days, everyone or we can say maximum no. of people are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App, and so many are in the queue. The rise of social media in the field of journalism has made it very easy to gather and distribute news stories, even if you are not carrying a newspaper, no interest in watching television, then also one can get updates and know what is happening around the globe by just scrolling up and down the phone screen.

3. Drone Journalism

It is the use of Drones or an unnamed aircraft for journalistic purpose by the the journalists to capture and record any happening, event that is any news. These are being used by the journalists in order to capture the 360 degree information that is the complete information of any issue or happening, as sometimes it is not possible for a human being to capture the happening from everywhere.

A drone can be used in the coverage of sports, war, Protests, Disasters or natural calamities and many more.

For Example- Syria Crises, Kerala Floods etc.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays robots are being replace by the human anchors, In China, a news agency as Xinhua State Agency, they started presenting news through an AI presenter.

Also, these days automated news are being published through some computer programs on the basis of algorithms, that scans large amount of  provided data select the article ares and inserts points like name, place, time and other figures.

Drone Journalism and Immersive Journalism also comes under the field of Artificial Intelligence. In Immersive Journalism, the person is allowed to experience the events or situations described in the news reports and documentary film as virtual reality.

For example- The war in Syria, it includes a realistic rocket attack and shows the growth of a refugee camp.

The virtual reality film is viewed by using a headset and earphones, giving 360° vision to the viewers.


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